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My Life philosophy 

Never Give up...There is always SOMETHING which can be done.

I believe in serving LIFE in all its forms while exploring my true potential. Interacting and helping patients is a pleasure for me

I respect Medicine as whole and love to do what I do.


Vision for future

I see myself playing a pivotal role for better quality of life of my fellow living beings including humans, animals, plants and environment.

In my professional life I see myself pioneering newer therapies which can add years to life, moreover I want my patients to add life to their years gained.

Lung cancer, Breast  cancer  and gastrointestinal are my areas of interest.

I see myself as part of Investigational medicine in future.

I see Sujok/six ki acupuncture as a significant part of palliative medicine for oncological patient. I see myself as an important contribution in its recognition.

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