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Clinical Updates on Oncology for non oncologist 

After running this program successfully, for a year we have temporarily discontinued this. Many of the important topics, useful for the general public are covered. Example of such video can be seen here --> 

Cancer Support Grid - Hyderabad  
  • Cancer care needs constant care of the patient from physician side and family side 

  • Recurrent visits to the physician are required for number of services like blood pressure monitoring or management of chemotherapy side effects like fever and loose motion.

  • Even when active cancer  treatment like chemotherapy is not going on even than physician visit are required for cancer related procedure and symptoms like pleural effusion tapping or abdominal fluid tapping .

  • Because of the long distances and poor general health of cancer patient it is highly suggested that patient follow up with these minor problem with a local medial practitioner  

  • However visiting a physician with less experience in handling such cancer patient can delay possible intervention required for the patient  such as starting appropriate antibiotics in case of fever after chemotherapy.

  • To avoid such mishappening we have taken to train physician in managing such cancer related side effect.

  • Following list of  Doctors are trained in taking appropriate action steps in case of cancer related complication

  • For the convenience of the patient  we have segregated the list  by different areas of the city 


Global Brotherhood 

  • India is being considered as a Medical hub for Most  of the african, middle east  and SAARC countries due to various reason 

  • Most patient get appropriate treatment for their ailment and develop many local friends in India.

  • For obvious reason, Patients treated in India refere their relatives and friend for treatment in India 

  • As  a convention, there are multiple additional cost for  an international patient like medical VISA, accomodation and local translator, and logistic arrangements in case of unfortunate events. These cost are naturally add to the total expenditure of the patient 

  • However, There are  certain subset of patients who are well versed with the various process of medical treatment (including obtaining medical VISA)  as well as local language or  english .

  • Cost of treatment  can be reduced  for such patient   because the additional charges for said services can be levied off

  • Any  of the  above mentioned services can be opted Ad Hoc if required 

  • However For this global initiative, international patient should come only through registering on this website. 

  • Drop your  case details  for rough estimation of expenditure on the treatment

  • Kindly Note that all the arrangement except the medical treatment such as obtaining medical VISA , accomodation in India and local translator  to be borne by the patient . Though arrangement for such services can be arranged at additional cost 

  • This Facility is applicable to brothers and sisters of all countries

Project Sujok - Six Ki Acupuncture 

  • In the Journey of cancer treatment, many times a point comes  when the patient  develops a distressing symptoms of pain 

  • For most case, opioid cased treatment or nerve blocks can get good symptom relief 

  • However, Opiates like morphine  are not side effect free and few of the patients are very sensitive to such side effects 

  •  For such patients who are extra sensitive to side effects or  who achieve poor relief despite optimum dosage , Sujok acupuncture is utilized as a Adjunct 

  • Kindly note that even though it is called as acupuncture, Needling is not essential and good relief can be achieved by other techniques like pressure or magnet application.

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