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Welcome to my website This is an informative website for cancer patients and their relatives, as well as for anyone who is keen to know different aspects of cancer treatment. It covers general information about cancers, as well as other treatment specific information like chemotherapy, radiological scans and various procedures such as biopsy.


I have put the best of my efforts to keep the language as simple as possible, however if you are keen to know more about a specific topic or are unable to comprehend any given topic, please feel free to drop in your details and specific question on our contact us page.


This subdivision of my website is divided into the following headings. Click the heading which interests you the most or explore all of the headings for detailed information on various aspects of cancer and its management.

following are the Headings I have written so far. In my next phase of development of website, I will be adding Videos discussions of the topics.

PICC line Procedure for patient information 

Care for patients who had undergoing chemotherapy

Information on lung cancer

Breast cancer

Oesophagus/ stomach/ pancreatic cancer

Liver/ gallbladder cancer

Colon/ rectal/ anal cancer

Blood cancers

Coping with cancer for patients and relatives

Aspects of Advanced stage cancer ( includes discussion on   ventilatory support in Cancer patients)

Childhood and young cancer patient ( implications of treatment)

How to tell loved loves that they have stage 4 cancer ?

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