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Experience with Novel Drugs

Oncology is rapidly evolving branch of medicine in which not only in the diagnosis but the treatment modalities of  cancer management also undergo Rapid changes. on the same lines new molecules are being introduced quite frequently into the the market.  however the availability of such molecules is limited in Indian scenario and many times as treating doctors we need to import these medications under special licences.


 This page share few of the stories of  molecules and novel drugs we could utilize in Indian setting at the time when these drugs were not available in India and was required to be imported from Europe or USA 


Liposomal irinotecan  is a newer form of of drug delivery e which is proved to be more tolerable in pancreatic Cancer.  our experience with this molecule utilized in August 2018 in a geriatric patient was in accordance with international data. - utilized in august 2018


Olaparib utilized in a young patient of Metastatic ovarian cancer in in 2017 July.  the tolerance to the Olaparib was excellent and patient remain in remission for 2 years imported from Singapore. 


Steps involved in Importing Medicine From out of India: It may appear to be difficult to arrange  and get the paperwork for importing the medication . There are only a handful of companies which can arrange novel drugs in India. One of the company I communicate quite frequently for importing medication is

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