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My personal projects

Points mentioned here may not relate to cancer care directly, some of them may even appear to be part of fantasy.  However these are are my personal project on which I want to work or I am currently Working. Your Kind words will keep me motivated.

1. Make  a Documentary on underwater life of lake and ponds of Rajasthan. 

2. Promote Agriculture on desert land of Rajasthan. May be by working on Special arid tolerant crops 

3. Work on free energy 

4. De -salination technology. Making Oceans Potable

5. Promote therapy Dogs in India( may be use other animals too)

6. Learn 4 Major European Language ( already working on my German

7. Making Contraception socially acceptable. If we don't control our Population then nature will.

Can you contribute to My projects?

Thanks for submitting!

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