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Volunteer in service of cancer victim 

At the moment of cancer diagnosis, a paradigm shift happens in the patient's thinking. As non-cancer people, we usually live life as if we will never die. But the cancer patient realizes the impermanence of life from the moment of diagnosis. In this regard, along with contributions from meera charitable trust, we try to help cancer patients to achieve their bucket list. Many times this could be a simple wish like owning a guitar to a more complex desire of going on spiritual growth. This volunteering service is different from "raising fund" for cancer treatment. We are in dire need of kind souls who can contribute. Even being available to listen to a cancer patient is a contribution to this noble cause. Sometimes just giving them company in their difficult time is enough. Get in touch to contribute


Another way you can contribute is to help to get more information on any case reports/techniques with which a cancer patient got improved. This technique can range from pain relief by acupuncture or relief of anxiety by cannabis oil. Help us to pool information in a scientific way so that more people can be helped.  

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